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The Sleeping Beauty Myth and Erotic Desire: A #GirlBoner Chat with Kasia Urbaniak

Growing up, Kasia Urbaniak learned what she says most of us probably did about sex and sexuality, “a very disorganized, irresponsible hodgepodge of misinformation and experimental childlike social testing.” If only she, and all of us, had a resource such as her back then. Now an expert in power dynamics and communication, Urbaniak made her […]
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When Dreams Take Longer Than We’d Like (+ a #GirlBoner Sweepstakes!)

Have you ever had a dream that couldn’t happen quickly enough? And months or years into your efforts, you wonder if it’ll ever happen? I’ve long believed that such dreams absolutely can. It took me decades to understand where I was even aiming then years of effort thereafter but, finally, I’m in the process of […]
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Wild Places to Get Busy: A #GirlBoner Chat with Natasha Chandel

Let’s be real. You don’t need to go to great lengths to spice up your sex life or to keep it smoldering. Everything from trying a new position to indulging in a new dating adventure beforehand can turn up the heat and keep those punch-drunk brain chemicals going. But what if your Girl Boner takes […]
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