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4 Orgasm Myths to Stop Believing Now

Have you ever experienced orgasm envy? Maybe you’re watching a movie or hearing about a friend or partner’s mind-blowing experience and felt a little, “why not me?” Orgasms are awesome and there are many ways to invite stronger ones if you desire them, which is a completely valid aim. I think it’s also important to keep […]
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6 Common Relationship Problems: How to Heal and Move Forward

What should you do when your parter feels more like a roommate than a lover? How can you tell if you’re sabotaging relationships before they even start? And what if you find out your partner has a secret sex life? Or just want different things in the bedroom? I loved exploring these and more common dating […]
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Cancelled Author Events and COVID-19: A Girl Boner Radio Opportunity

Hey there, fellow author! In these precarious times, book events are being cancelled and LOTS of people are listening to podcasts. With all of that in mind, I have an idea for us to collaborate.  If you have a new or soon-to-release book and fewer chances to promote it due to the coronavirus, I’d love to […]
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