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Multiple Orgasms: Stories, Tips and Myths (Busted)

Lala didn’t realize she could experience one orgasm, much less multiple, until she had the “best sex [of her] life” with her now husband – but that doesn’t mean that multiple Os are are favorite. Lora found her way to multiple Os using one of the most popular sex toys among women. (The same didn’t […]
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A Sex Therapy Confession that Changed Everything: Leah Carey

For years, Leah Carey felt equal parts shut down and obsessed re: sex. Meanwhile, she chose terrible partners. In her 40s, during her final session with a therapist, she revealed a long held sexual secret.  Leah’s admission marked the start of what would become an across-the-country sexual awakening adventure. She eventually landed on desires that […]
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Hot Sex From a Distance + “Dirty Talk” Tips

Have you ever been involved in a long distance relationship? A survey about LDRs, conducted by SexualAlpha, was released earlier this year. About one third of the tens of thousands of people surveyed ended up closing the distance at some point. Another third said they wouldn’t choose a long distance relationship again – but two thirds […]
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