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What’s Your Erotic Blueprint? with Jessie Fresh

Jessie Fresh was in her early 20s when she realized that silence had been her main sex educator. After a mid-coital wakeup call and two relationships—one with sexual chemistry, one with only emotional sparks—she sought ways to cultivate the richer relationships and sexual experiences she desired. Discovering the Erotic Blueprints changed everything for her. And […]
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Incredible Orgasm Stories – updated replay!

How do you feel about orgasms? Have you ever experienced one that went beyond fun or pleasure or release? Or struggled to have one in the first place? If your answer is yes or yes, you are far from alone. Phone sex operator Amberly Rothfield had just gone through a several-month sex hiatus when she experienced […]
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Best and Worst Sex Advice, According to Experts

Do socks play a role in sex? Is pegging all about the receiver? How can we invite more pleasure? Hear some of the worst and best sex advice several experts have ever heard, plus a few of my favorite tips from past guests and episodes in this week’s Girl Boner Radio episode! Stream it on […]
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