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Pets and Relationships + Book Release Fun!

“When you adopt an animal, you get much more than you give.” – Heidi Mastrogiovanni Can I get several thousand amens? Last week I had the supreme joy of chatting with Heidi, an accomplished comedic writer, dedicated animal advocate and one of my dearest friends, about pets and relationships on Girl Boner Radio. Some folks […]
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Sexual Trauma and Eating Disorders: A #GirlBoner Chat with Jimanekia Eborn

How can you begin to heal and move forward when you’ve endured sexual trauma? How do trauma and eating disorders overlap? And what should you do if you learn your partner was abused as a child? These are just some the topics I explored with Jimanekia Eborn, a wonderful expert in mental health, sex education […]
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She Made 10k a Month as a Phone Sex Operator: A #GirlBoner Chat with Amberly Rothfield

Amberly Rothfield grew up in a conservative part of Texas with relatively little familial support and learned next to nothing about sex or sexuality. Yet today, she’s a successful entrepreneur in the phone sex industry who not only works with clients, but inspires fellow professionals in the sex space to take their livelihoods and well-being […]
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