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Awkward Sex/Dating Confessions: a Bonus Chat with Makenzie Mizell

This week I’m sharing a bonus conversation with my friend and colleague, Makenzie Mizell.  You’ll hear about times we made things awkward in the sex/dating realm, a few listeners’ “OMG” experiences and Makenzie’s latest (and spicy) ventures. Topics touched on include bodily functions, a gay ‘ol pickup line, a risky stereotype about female versus male sexuality […]
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Pressure Around Sex + a Love Story: Dr. Alison Ash

Ever felt like you should be sex-ready when you’re not? Or self-conscious about performing well in bed? Dr. Alison Ash is no stranger to pressure around sex and helps many folks find their way to more fun and fulfilling experiences. She also recently married her partner, Sebastian – and their love story is one for […]
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Awkward Dates and Romance Novels: EF Dodd and Kelly Reynolds

Midway into their first dinner together, EF Dodd’s date pulled out something shocking. Kelly Reynolds got way more than she bargained for on a first date – and far less than she deserved for a second. Learn all about these experiences in this week’s Girl Boner Radio episode! You’ll also hear about the importance of creating […]
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