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Orgasm-Blocking Thoughts with Kara Loewentheil – an updated replay!

Do you ever find yourself thinking more about your appearance more than your own pleasure during sex? Or feel increasing pressure as time ticks by, wondering when you’ll finally reach orgasm? Learn how to deal with these, and related thoughts, in this week’s Girl Boner Radio episode! It features highlights from my 2019 chat with […]
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Hot Monogamy with Dr. Megan Fleming

Does monogamy have to equal monotony? Sex and relationship therapist Dr. Megan Fleming says no way! This Girl Boner Radio episode celebrates some of Dr. Megan’s most popular and beloved advice, including ways to turn up the heat in a monogamous relationship and signs it may be time for those efforts. Stream the episode on […]
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Body Sounds During Sex: Sorry/Not Sorry

Sex is supposed to be noisy, unless silence is part of the fun or something you need for privacy. But what if a particular sound or bodily function makes you feel beyond embarrassed? Or if a partner hasn’t exactly welcomed your sounds? This week’s Girl Boner Radio episode features a true story about embarrassing sex sounds, […]
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