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Two Frenchmen in One Day + Sharing Sexy Stories: Carly Pifer

Carly Pifer’s creative field research about sex and dating surprised her by becoming super sizzling for herself. Her intimate interviews overseas led to steamy romps, including sex with two very different Frenchmen in one day. Once her study was over, current events prompted her to want to celebrate positive sexual experiences.  Learn much more in […]
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Infidelity Recovery: Q&A with Dr. Talal Alsaleem (Bonus)

Dr. Talal Alsaleem is an award-winning infidelity recovery expert who’s on a mission to teach clients and counselors how to use the trauma of affairs to establish, rediscover and maintain healthy relationships. In this bonus for Jennifer’s story, you’ll hear some of his thoughts about working with Jennifer and Adam, risk factors for cheating and betrayal, […]
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After Her Affairs: Jennifer, Part 2

Continuing Jennifer’s story from the last Girl Boner Radio episode, you’ll hear how Adam reacted when she returned from her intensive therapy program, what happened in their relationship post infidelity and how they’ve both found healing. Stream it on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Spotify or below. Or read on for a transcript. This episode […]
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