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7 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life: Tips From Erotica Authors

What’s the last thing you did to add more fun or pleasure to your sex life? When we hear the phrase “spice up your sex life,” it might be easy to leap to the wildest depictions of sex we can think of. But spicing things up doesn’t have to mean hanging naked from a chandelier, […]
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Butts and Vaginas: What to Keep Out with Dr. Megan Stubbs

Have you ever been playing sexually, alone or with a partner, spotted an object—maybe a vegetable or an appliance—and decided to basically turn it into a sex toy? If so, you have used “pervertables,” a word used to describe common household objects that get all sexed up. Sometimes these adventures go really well. Other times, […]
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Porn vs “Real” Sex with Angie Rowntree and June Ann

Porn. How do you feel about it? I’ve heard from folks who love watching porn and feel it strengthens their lives and relationships, people who feel better off without it, folks who are frustrated by what’s portrayed on mainstream porn screens and those who are irked by the myths surrounding the medium. All of these […]
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