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Best and Worst Sex Advice, According to Experts

Do socks play a role in sex? Is pegging all about the receiver? How can we invite more pleasure? Hear some of the worst and best sex advice several experts have ever heard, plus a few of my favorite tips from past guests and episodes in this week’s Girl Boner Radio episode! Stream it on […]
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Unf*cking Gender and Sexuality, with Fiona Dawson

Fiona Dawson grew up in a semi-sex-positive home, and didn’t question or sexual orientation until she fell in love with a woman. Coming out as gay felt fairly easy to her. Coming out as bi was another story… Now an Emmy-nominated, award-winning filmmaker and author of the forthcoming book, Are Bisexuals Just Greedy?, Fiona aims […]
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Non-monogamy, Gaslighting and Liberation: Rachel Krantz’s Story

When award-winning journalist Rachel Krantz started dating non-monogamous Adam, she thought she might finally break her pattern of short-lived, suffocating relationships. Once gaslighting ensued, she found herself stuck in a new set of problems. Rachel finally found healing and liberation and shared her story in the memoir, Open. Learn much more in this week’s Girl […]
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