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Dating Abuse: 5 Important Warning Signs

 “Everything seemed awesome at first, but over time he started bizarre arguments and I ended up feeling like the crazy one.” “I had never loved anyone as much as her…but she started lying. When I tried to end things, she lied and told me she was pregnant with my baby.” “I never thought I’d be […]
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Coming Out as LGBTQ When You’re Christian

“You are not broken.”  This is the very apt first line of a recently released book by Amber Cantorna: Unashamed: A Coming-Out Guide for LGBTQ Christians. I had chills the first time I saw that subtitle. It’s tough enough for many of us to embrace our sexuality given wonky societal messages. Add to that the message that […]
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Why I Wrote Girl Boner Journal

“You’re so. . . colorful. You’re not hiding any more.” Hearing my then modeling agent, Paul, state these words, I paused, glimpsed my reflection in a wall mirror and realized he was right. Without noticing it in recent months, I had shifted from wearing mostly dark, bland colors to vibrant tones. Rather than keeping my hair […]
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