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Powerful Pleasure Practices – replay and bonus!

Today I’m sharing an episode from last September — because With Pleasure: Managing Trauma Triggers for More Vibrant Sex and Relationships —  just turned one! As you may know, I co-authored this book with sex therapist Jamila Dawson, and we are both so grateful that it’s been out in the world and resonating with folks. You’ll […]
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Burlesque, Sexuality and Empowerment with Lynn Sally (aka Dr. Lucky)

Lynn Sally was always a bit of a wild child, but she also went to a Catholic high school where sex education was virtually MIA. Today she’s an author, scholar and burlesque performer, known as Dr. Lucky.  Learn about Lynn’s journey into the sensual artform that examines female sexuality, gender and more  – plus empowering […]
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“I’m a Warrior Now”: Tika Thornton’s Story

Tika Thorton grew up in S. Los Angeles, where she was swept into a world of sex trafficking and manipulation. Today she’s an advocate who helps fellow survivors and fights to end the human trafficking crisis. Hear Tika’s story, as well as insights for a listener who wanted to support his girlfriend as she manages […]
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