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Nadia Bolz-Weber, Amy Brenneman and 5 Things I Learned from “Shameless”

I was about five when I was kicked out of Sunday school. The whole predestiny thing we were learning about, God knowing all of our moves before we made them, confused me. So I raised my hand and asked a question of the teacher, who happened to be my best friend’s grandmother: “So we’re like […]
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Hotter Quickies: 5 Ways to Invite More Pleasure

In a recent Cosmo study, involving over 2,500 women, 77 percent of participants reported preferring penetrative sex that lasts more than 10 ten minutes. One in five of the women preferred longer than 25 minutes and over 20 percent prefer “quickie” style sex, lasting less than ten minutes. According to a 2008 survey of sex […]
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Open Adoption and Family Love: A Chat with Vanessa McGrady

Imagine adopting a baby after a lengthy process of soul searching and paperwork, and later finding out that the child’s biological parents are living on the streets on a cold rainy night in your city. Would you invite them to stay with you? Writer Vanessa McGrady did just that and explored the experience and more […]
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