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Bisexuality, Demisexuality and Coming Out with Carolina Hoyos

Emotional connection before sexual desire, love without the heirarchy and more! Today I’m excited to share much of my 2019 conversation with Carolina Hoyos, an Afro-Indigenous (Quechua-Kichwa) actor, playwright, director, songwriter and voice artist. We explored Carolina’s sexual empowerment journey, common myths about demisexuality and bisexuality, her coming out (to family) story and why queer […]
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A Casual Sex Fail and Creating Sexier Experiences

Author Kandi Steiner was leaning toward no more casual sex when an experience with a friend bolstered that decision. She now creates female characters who voice their desires. And erotic fiction can help inspire steamier experiences. Take it from writer and editor, Rachel Kramer Bussel. Learn much more in this week’s Girl Boner Radio episode! […]
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Hooked on Love and Lust or Dating Apps: How Two Women Moved Forward

Shani Silver used dating apps for 10 years, though they did more harm than good. Giving them up has dramatically changed her life for the better. Kerry Cohen became a therapist because of her experience with sex and love addiction, terms that are both common and controversial. Her healing journey holds takeaways for most anyone. […]
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