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Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome and Sex After Trauma with Dr. Kate Balestrieri

Have you ever felt as though you’ve lost yourself or your confidence after a relationship? Or wondered how a romantic relationship that started out like a fairytale spiraled into lies, gaslighting and pain? If so, you may be one of the many people who’ve grappled with narcissistic abuse syndrome.  I’ve been there, as have numerous […]
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Mike Johnson on Self-Love, The Bachelorette and Rising Action (aka Foreplay)

Self-love plays an important role in everything from pleasure and relationships to our everyday interactions. But how do we cultivate it? I loved chatting with Mike Johnson, author, speaker and Bachelorette season 15 contestant, about his own self-love journey, themes from his wonderful book, Making the Love You Want, his experience on The Bachelorette and more! […]
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Casual Sex, Caring “Too Much” and STIs with Ella Dawson

If you’ve ever had a one night stand and then felt like you shouldn’t talk about it, worried that you cared too much about sex outside of a relationship or acquired an STI from an abusive partner, you’re not alone. Ella Dawson experienced all of these issues and writes about them, both so she can […]
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