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Healing from Sexual Trauma and Toxic Relationships: Lauren’s Story

Lauren Colletti introduced herself to me as a 25-year-old bisexual female and longtime listener of the show. In a touching email, she shared what Girl Boner has meant to her since she started listening back in 2015 and said she would love little more than to have an open conversation for you all. We did so […]
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How Changing the Way You Masturbate Can Change Your Life

Did you know that May is National Masturbation Month? It started out as one day, declared by Good Vibrations to celebrate Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders in 1995, after she was fired for suggesting that masturbation be included in sex education curriculums. In adult sex ed circles, we now celebrate solo play all month long. I […]
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Comfort eating is normal. Fat jokes are dangerous. And your body is rad.

Your body is inherently beautiful, sexy and valuable, no matter the shape or size. If you’ve felt frustrated or hurt by eating or weight jokes amid the pandemic, all of us at Girl Boner Central wanted you to know you’re not alone and send you some worthy TLC. If you’re think the jokes are no […]
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