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How (and When) to Gift Sex Toys with Dr. Jill McDevitt

If the best gifts are the gifts that keep giving, why not work pleasure and orgasm into that mix?  I had so much fun chatting with Dr. Jill McDevitt about sex toys as gifts, the best ways to do so and more on Girl Boner Radio. The sex educator, sexual wellness coach and “unapologetic, feel-good […]
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Telling Our Stories: Girl Boner Radio Live at The Pleasure Chest!

I remember years ago, very early in my eating disorder recovery process, I shared a bit about my experience in a college speech class. After I presented the professor told me I could be “the poster child for anorexia!” He meant it as a compliment, that my story could perhaps help others, and I appreciated […]
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Thoughtful and Empowering Gift Ideas

The best gifts say, “I see you, I know your heart and I dig your happiness.” How do you feel about gift giving? How about the holidays? I adore both, but shopping, unless I’m at a bookstore or clothing shopping with my stylist pal Rayne, not so much. No matter how you feel about the […]
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