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Sacred BDSM and Reclaiming Your Power

Vulnerability coach Rina Trevi grew up in Russia, with a lot of sexual repression. A journey into sky-diving, sex work, BDSM and Tantric massage in the U.S. and Thailand helped her reclaim her sexual self and inspired her to help others find similar pleasure and healing.   Speaking with Rina brought my 2018 conversation with Kasia […]
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Crossing the ‘Gasm Chasm + an Hour-Long O

Can orgasms make or break a relationship? Learning to make sex pleasurable (for her) helped save intimacy expert Susan Bratton’s marriage and sex life…after some major difficulties. A toxic relationship led break up and relationship coach Emmi Fortin to her lengthiest climax, and kept her stuck on a poor-fit partner. Hear their stories and related advice […]
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“OMG” True Sex Stories from Romance Authors — Replay!

Some spicy escapades are wilder than fiction… Have you ever had sex with a stranger, sex in a surprising place or and discovered a kink in public? Romance authors Karina Kennedy, Nana Malone and Sky Warren have, respectively. Hear about their experiences, some related advice and what to expect from their steamy books in this week’s Girl Boner Radio episode, […]
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