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When Sex Got Super Woo-Woo: Alicia and Magda

When Alicia Davon went upstairs with her now husband, six months into their relationship, she knew they’d have a great time. But she didn’t expect the his and hers spiritual experience that unfolded. Magda Kay was part of a conscious community — one she’d later recognize as a cult — when two transcendent spicy experiences […]
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Exploring Sex and Living in a Body: Dr. Carol Queen

Carol Queen, Phd, was like the Nancy Drew of sex early on, exploring her way to answers through years of trial and error. Her curiosities and exploration led to extraordinary experiences, including self-pleasuring on stage before 4,000 people. And she wants everyone to know the importance of living in our beautiful bodies with integrity. Learn […]
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“OMG” Stories: Squirting Out, Stuck Inside and Mind Games

Discovering squirting, a misplaced squirt, a misplaced condom and some trippy mind games… This “OMG” round of Girl Boner sex and relationship stories features: Lala, of Lala’s Bedtime Tales, Nicoletta Heideggar, LMFT, of Sluts and Scholars, media producer Makenzie Mizell, Carly of Aurore, and me. Stream it on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Spotify or […]
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