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After Her Affairs: Jennifer, Part 2

Continuing Jennifer’s story from the last Girl Boner Radio episode, you’ll hear how Adam reacted when she returned from her intensive therapy program, what happened in their relationship post infidelity and how they’ve both found healing. Stream it on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Spotify or below. Or read on for a transcript. This episode […]
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Untangling Her Affairs: Jennifer, Part 1

Jennifer had built a successful career and a happy family life when she strayed from her marriage. While the first affair ended rather quickly, the second led down a path she couldn’t have imagined. Here part one of her story in the new Girl Boner Radio episode. This episode touches on childhood trauma, abuse and […]
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Hotwifing and Finding Love: Casey Donatello

What “kind of woman” gets into threesomes and gang bangs? Do “good girls” even grow up to enjoy sex? These questions once lived in Casey Donatello’s mind. Then she found the swinging community and her entire life changed. Today the sex-positivity advocate is passionate about play she once considered too wild, taboo and “dirty.” And she’s equally […]
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