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Open Adoption and Family Love: A Chat with Vanessa McGrady

Imagine adopting a baby after a lengthy process of soul searching and paperwork, and later finding out that the child’s biological parents are living on the streets on a cold rainy night in your city. Would you invite them to stay with you? Writer Vanessa McGrady did just that and explored the experience and more […]
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Orgasm Myths: Have You Heard this Biggie?

True or false: If you have a vulva, orgasms are the BEST in your thirties. Or how about this one? If you have a penis, every orgasm you experience will be basically the same. Or this: If you don’t orgasm with ease, or the “best” or “right” way, there’s something wrong with you. If you’ve […]
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5 Major Signs You’re Addicted to Love

Most everyone has experienced that punch drunk, falling-in-love feeling at some point. And it’s undeniably delicious. But what happens when you grow so dependent on maintaining that rush that it literally takes over your life?  This is one way love addiction presents itself, as a physical and emotional dependency on those intense feelings and a complete […]
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