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Body Acceptance, Lust and Romance at Sea: Jennifer Silva Redmond

When Jennifer Silva Redmond asked her fiancé, Russel, “What would you do if you could do anything?,” his response and the decision that followed changed the course of their lives. Since then, she’s learned a lot about intimacy, sex and herself while living and loving at sea. Learn much more in the new Girl Boner Radio […]
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“Ho Phases” and D&S Play: Jenay and Court

Jenay Leger and Court Vox have had very different sexual self-discovery journeys with powerful common threads — including an illuminating ho-phase. Learn what their spicy escapades revealed about their desires and kinks, plus ways to make the most of your own sexual exploration. You’ll also learn a simple way to play with power dynamics in […]
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Sex Clubs, Kink and Discovering Something Deeper: Yuval Mann

Yuval Mann is an erotic intelligence mentor who helps people use their sexual expression as a vehicle of individual and collective evolution. Early on, though, he was barely allowed to interact with girls. His journey from the Israeli army to the global fetish and kink scene taught him about pleasure, intimacy, sexuality and so much […]
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