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Saving Sex Until 41: Amanda McCracken’s Story

Accomplished writer, Amanda McCracken, had dated more than 100 men before acknowledging her addiction to longing for unavailable men. With the help of therapy, she was able to break-up with longing and end the virgin identity that had defined much of her adulthood. Today, Amanda has a lot to say about “saving sex” – or […]
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Sex When You Don’t Feel Like It, with Cyndi Darnell

Did you know that horniness is one of hundreds of reasons folks feel motivated to have sex? It’s not even the most common. Understanding your own desire, and what sex and relationship therapist, Cyndi Darnell, calls your erotic template, can help you cultivate an erotically charged sex life – whether you’re single or partnered. Learn much […]
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Problems with Porn: True Stories of Heartache and Healing

Brooke Hazen struggled with porn-induced erectile dysfunction and a misdiagnosis after decades of unhealthy porn use. Erica Garza recalls being equally addicted to porn and shame, starting at age 12. Both folks are in a far better place now and hope their stories encourage others to feel less alone. Learn much more in this week’s […]
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