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Peyronie’s Disease: 4 Things You Need to Know

If you have a penis, there’s a roughly 9 percent chance that you’ll develop Peyronie’s disease, according to some estimates. Yet relatively few people know what the condition even is. Characterized by curved and painful erections, Peyronie’s disease happens when scar tissue—aka plaque—builds up in tissue in the penis that allows for erections. Symptoms range […]
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How to Keep Social Media From Ruining Your Relationships with Dr. Julie Albright

(Including your relationship with yourself.) How often do you reach for your phone? How many hours do you spend scrolling, texting or swiping each day?  No need to do the math and I’m not here to judge you, I promise, nor is my recent Girl Boner Radio guest, digital sociologist Dr. Julie Albright. We love […]
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Orgasmic Yoga: Myths, Tips and Benefits

“I feel like I’m shooting rainbows out of my vagina!” What do you think might inspire someone to exclaim this in public? No, not me, sadly, but Carrie Borzillo, who took up orgasmic yoga, a mindful erotic practice I discussed with sexologist and sexological bodyworker, Dr. Victoria Reuveni, aka Dr. V, on Girl Boner Radio recently.  […]
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